Anthem Alive Episode 579 Week of January 29, 2018

Hosts this week:
Sue Simecka & Mike Sherrill579
  • Dianne Davis brings us to the studio of resident artist Neal Portnoy. You may not have seen him, but if you regularly read the Review Journal, then it is highly likely that you have seen his work. Wait till you hear how many magic markers he has!
  • SCA-TV reporter Bob Goldberg interviews the President and CEO of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, Myron Martin. Learn how the Smith Center was named and how it got started.
  • Cindy Joseph speaks with Sara Thielman, Senior Assistant House Manager of The Smith Center. Sara points out that the Smith Center is for everyone, including the disabled. From providing wheelchair service, hearing devices for those with hearing deficiencies, and equipment that prints out dialog for the sight impaired. AND, it’s a free service!
  • One of our regular segments is: “Everyone’s Got A Story, What’s Yours?”. This week, Donna Fouste talks with SCA resident, Chris Hayes, about his early interest in music and his career as an air traffic controller. I heard that Chris was in the control tower when a big earthquake hit San Francisco during the World Series in October, 1989.
  • We wind up this week’s show with SCA Fitness Director Torey Crum’s Tip for the week, “Don’t Give Up!, Part 2”. Torey asks the question: “Have you begun exercising regularly, yet not seeing the results you want?” Her advice is don't give up your fitness program just yet! Maybe the problem isn't the exercise itself but the way you're exercising.