Anthem Alive Episode 582 Week of February 19, 2018

Hosts this Week:
Gail Beckman & Kevin Dauphinee

  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday Celebration which took place in Freedom Hall on Saturday, January 20th. The event was arranged by the Sun City Anthem African American Heritage Club.
  • The keynote Speaker of the Martin Luther King’s Birthday Celebration was Dr. Robert L. Green, who was a friend and colleague of Dr. King. He is interviewed by Maurice Robertson and gives much insight into various topics you will find interesting.
  • Next up is Renee’s Revelations. Our movie critic Renee Riendeau offers her review of “The Greatest Showman”… a fascinating musical about P.T. Barnum!
  • Entertainment Reporter Dianne Davis tells us all about “Cocktail Cabaret”, a show at Caesar’s Palace that should appeal to the early birds in our community. A Vintage Vegas production … and it starts at 5 P.M.!
  • Our last segment on today’s show is SCA Fitness Manager Torey Crum’s nine reasons you should consider weight lifting as part of your exercise regimen.