Anthem Alive Episode 574 Week of December 25, 2017

Our Hosts this week are:
Gail Beckman & George Gingerelli

* We visit Bellagio's Holiday Display from several years ago. As always a beautiful display of holiday cheer.

* Catch the latest dance moves from some unknown seniors as they perform to the Uptown Funk Beat.

* During the holiday season, let's be kind to man's best friend. We take you to the Nevada SPCA.

* Let us take you back to Life in the USA, in the year 1942.

* Next it's time to see why Santa likes "Holiday Lights"

* Enjoy another Musical Moments feature, showcasing the talented screen writer Herman Hupfeld. Remember "Casablanca"?

* As we bring this show to a conclusion we wish you all a very healthy and happy Holiday Season.